Private Piano Lessons with Lenora Ford Brown

Please contact me for an audition, or for more information about my private teaching program. I teach intermediate to advanced piano lessons to students, any age, in Davis County, Salt Lake City, Herriman and Logan.

Lessons include technique, theory, instruction on classical piano repertoire and performance training.

I prepare students for recitals, competitions, school programs, solo & ensemble auditions, scholarship auditions, and college entrance auditions.

Students of Lenora Ford Brown participate in:

  • Solo & Ensemble
  • SummerArts Piano Competition
  • Salt Lake Piano Competition
  • Honors Recitals
  • Scholarship Auditions
  • Performance Classes
  • Recitals
  • Monster Concerts at the University of Utah
  • Performances with orchestra

Contact info:
801-936-5333 Home phone
801-635-9912 cell phone

Teaching testimonials

“It’s been such a great 6 years. Thanks for always supporting me in every area of my life. You are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and you are THE BEST piano teacher on this earth, hands down! You’ve helped me become who I am today. Thank you for that.”

– Dane Montague

“I want you to know that you have changed Dane’s life for good. You have been there to guide him as he has learned much more than how to play the piano. You have been instrumental in teaching him patience, discipline, work ethic, courage, the ability to prioritize, how to handle disappointment and failure, how to work towards a goal, how to trust in others, faith and testimony, and love of God.” 

 – Lori Montague

“I am so grateful to have you as my teacher! Thank you for helping me to learn and understand the piano better. I can’t even tell you how much you have influenced my life these past few years! I look up to you in so many ways. Thank you for being both my mentor and my friend. I’m so proud to be able to say you are my teacher. Thank you for everything! You have really helped deepen my love of music.”

 – Emma Call

“You must know that your elegance as a teacher, musician, and lady has created a following amongst your students – and I’m one of them! – that is loyal, and admires & appreciates so much all that you’ve done to teach us, not just to play, but how to live! You’re a gift, to be sure!!”

 – Dr. Michael Huff

“Thank you so much for helping me prepare for scholarship auditions as well as writing a letter of recommendation for me. It is truly an honor to take lessons from you and learn more about music. You are such an amazing woman. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I will remember not only the lessons of music you have taught me, but also the lessons of hard work, dedication and practice! Thanks for all that you have done for me and continue to help me with.”

– Jennie Clark

“I just want to say thank you for being such an awesome piano teacher. I have learned so much in the past couple of years. You are such an amazing example to me. I have a great love for playing the piano because of you. Thank you for being such a sweet, understanding teacher and person. You are the best.”

– Amber Bangerter

“We truly appreciate the difference you are making in our daughter’s lives. We love the beautiful music and the spirit it brings into our home. You have built self confidence into not only me, but Liz and Amber. They have been influenced by your passion for music and have grown to love the beauty of good music. It is touching to hear the expression and emotion they have when they perform. Thanks for being a woman of grace and refinement and sharing this with all around you. You are a light and a joy in our lives.”

– Russ and Leslie Bangerter

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done for me. I have learned so much from you over the years, yet I learn something new at every lesson. You never cease to amaze me. Thank you for all the “extras” you’ve done for me. Thank you for expecting so much from me and believing that I can do it. Thank you for being a friend as well as a teacher. You are like my second mother. I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you”

– Jackie Ward

“I couldn’t have done my recital without such a very special teacher! Thank you – more than I can ever express – for all you’ve done for me. More than all the musical gifts and help you’ve given me, thank you for giving me faith in myself and the desire to hang in there even when my confidence was slipping. I really couldn’t have done it without you!”

– Janice Pyper

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the time and energy you’ve put in to help me develop my talent the best I could. You truly are a remarkable teacher, and I’ve enjoyed studying with you immensely. You have inspired me to achieve more than you realize.”

– Nikki Nordfors

“I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me. I have loved every minute of the time you have invested in teaching me. I admire so very much your skills as a teacher – your patience, your knowledge, your ability to motivate and inspire excellence, your artistry, and the way you can instill a belief in oneself beyond what is there just amazes me.”

– Diane Kukahiko

“The thing you taught me that has stuck with me and made a huge difference in my life is your exactness and uncompromising drive for quality, if not perfection. I have to say I was afraid for
most of my piano lessons. Afraid is maybe a strong word, but I can say I never really looked forward to them. However, through them and through you I learned to always do my absolute best in whatever I set out to do. I started out doing it because others expected it of me and now I do it because it is part of who I am.”

– David Mead

“I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with Luke. He is really excited about piano right now and really enjoys his lessons with you. He is so much more self-motivated and disciplined. It’s nice to see in a 15 year old boy! We do appreciate all the time and effort you spend teaching and encouraging Luke.”

– Stephenie and Michael Glissmeyer

“I hope you know, Lenora, how much we love you and how much you have changed Amanda’s life. The honors that she has received – two symphony performances, numerous honors recitals, State Sterling Scholar, solo and ensemble superior ratings – should equally go to you. She has become not only a technically sound and expressive musician, but a better person because of you.”

– Elizabeth Ricks

“I auditioned to play a special musical number for the devotional this week, and I MADE IT! Over 20 people auditioned and they chose me to play tomorrow night at the Sunday devotional where there will possibly be a general authority and the entire MTC (2000 people) present. Pretty exciting eh? I auditioned with the arrangement of “How Great Thou Art” by the one and only Lenora Brown. The “judges” were in tears after I was done. Tomorrow night will indeed be fun! I am so grateful for Lenora and everything she taught me over the last 6 years. It is truly blessing my life here at the MTC every day. I have also volunteered to accompany flute, cello, and violin
solos is the need arises for an accompanist. Heck yeah!”

– Dane Montague in the MTC July 2015

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