Performances at New York Steinway Hall, University of Utah, Wall of Fame recipient, Carnegie Hall, Lenora Ford Brown Recital Stage at Bountiful Davis Arts Center.


Critical Reviews

Critical Reviews – Performances by Lenora Ford Brown

“Even among big-name pianists, there are remarkably few who are able to play music of Liszt and Chopin so convincingly. Frequently Liszt is played with such spasmodic, choppy surges that the music is incomprehensible. Chopin is often interpreted with excessive romanticism. Artur Rubinstein was a splendid exception and so is Lenora Brown”

– Salt Lake Tribune

“(Brown’s) playing radiated artistic spontaneity, and this, combined with her smooth technique, was always winning.” 

 – Harold Lundstrom – Deseret News Music critic

“The performance of the first movement of Beethoven’s monumental “Appassionata Sonata” is bound to be one of the big events of the year. This real ear-opener was played with tremendous
fire and vigor and with a flash and drive straight out of concert stage artistry.”

 – Harold Lundstrom – Deseret News Music critic

“Your performance of the Paganini Etudes was brilliant and stylish and brought out levels of musical understanding rare in performances of works presenting such enormous technical challenges. I cannot imagine the hours you lavished on those pieces. The performance was worthy of presentation in Abravanel Hall.”

 – Ardene Watts – Assistant conductor of the Utah Symphony

“(Brown’s) performance of Mozart’s Eb major piano concerto, K 482 made this listener, for one, sit up and take note. Seldom have I heard a pianist bring such Beethoven-like strength and clarity of purpose to this music. Nothing was swept under the carpet. Instead, this was “up- front” Mozart, boldly articulated, lyrically shaped and for the most part, buffed to a jewel-like finish.”

– William S. Goodfellow Deseret News music critic

“Ms. (Brown’s) pianism is excellent for chamber music; she is sufficiently dominant to hold her own, yet sensitive to the needs of others, and her playing glistens gently, her rhythm is impeccable and whatever she does advances the music. Indeed, one was conscious throughout this satisfying performance of its rhythmic security.”

– Dorothy Stowe Deseret News music critic

“(Brown) is unafraid of holding notes a long time, a mark of a very confident musician. Her forward momentum is so powerful that she can make long pauses without losing the listener’s attention.”

– Anne Mathews, Salt Lake Tribune music critic

“Her interpretations do not sound like those of any other pianist. She has made all the works entirely her own. Her phrasing, her articulation of certain notes and her use of dynamics are all individual.”

– Salt Lake Tribune

“I have listened to Van Cliburn perform in live concert, but I must honestly say that your performance had a more profound impact and deeper meaning for me. I felt that you had
become ‘the instrument’ through whom the sounds of a celestial beauty were being expressed — I was literally moved to tears of awe as I listened and watched. In one’s lifetime, there are a few memorable occasions such as this, and for your performance and my pleasant memories, may I thank you.”

– Wayne N. Teeples AIA

“One of Mozart’s most tender, even sorrowful piano concertos, No. 22 also reveals the composer’s sense of humor. (Brown) has the expressive range to capture the moods. Drawing a beautiful, warm tone from the instrument, she played with confidence and a loving tenderness in a well-developed interpretation. She mixed legato and crisp articulation in a manner that gave her phrases an irresistible logic. Her cadenzas were a paradigm of mature musicality.”

– Anne Mathews Salt Lake Tribune

“When Lenora (Brown) offered the five Chopin pieces, one had the feeling the composer was there on stage standing at her shoulder and that she was having a musical love affair.”

– Thelma Compton, Utah Arts Council concert review

“When the guest artist (Brown) asked if the Etude (Winter Wind) listed on the program, might be too much Chopin, the room was filled with calls for her to continue. Her left hand continuance had outstanding strength balance and everyone present felt the powerful finale demonstrated the complete command of the keyboard and an excellent choice of artist to introduce the new piano”

– Utah Arts Council concert review

“In Liszt’s B minor piano sonata, Brown projected an appropriately heroic, impetuous character, with generally firm octaves, and even-passage work.”

– John Henken Music critic Glendale, CA

“The Beethoven was followed by a wonderful performance of Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major, with local favorite Lenora Ford Brown as soloist. Brown is an outstanding pianist who combines virtuosity with musicality. She delved into the Liszt and brought out the essence and character of this concerto. There was passion and fire in her performance, but also tenderness and disarming grace in an interpretation that was nuanced and deeply expressive.”

– Ed Reichel, Deseret News Music critic

“Lenora Ford Brown was the guest piano soloist in the Liszt piano concerto no. 2. Her rock solid fingers gave her the freedom to express this dramatic score. Brown knew how to pace the musical episodes, and her authoritative approach was matched b uncanny phrase work and singing projection.”

– Jeff Manookian, Salt Lake Tribune