Beethoven and Rachmaninoff Sonatas


Beethoven Sonata in F Op. 10 No. 2

Beethoven wrote this sonata in 1797 in Bonn, Germany. That year Napolean defeated Austria and John Adams was elected president of the United States. Beethoven wrote in a letter at that time, “I am living more pleasantly now since I began to mingle more with people. You will scarcely believe how lonely and sad my life was for two years; my bad hearing haunted me everywhere like a ghost, and I fled from mankind and seemed like a misanthrope, though I was far from being one.” Beethoven was 27 years old.

Beethoven Sonata Op. 111 in C Minor

The last piano sonata written by this great master, it has been called the greatest of the piano sonatas. Published in 1822 during a very dark period when Beethoven was deaf and isolated. Performed by Lenora Ford Brown in a live concert at Steinway Hall.

Rachmaninoff Sonata for Piano and Cello Op. 19

A live performance of the Rachmaninoff Sonata for Piano and Cello Op. 19 in Los Angeles, California by Gayle Smith and Lenora Ford Brown. In a concert review, the music critic said, “Smith put the lush melodies forward with little exaggeration, her portamento touches sparing enough to be effective. The cellist’s speed and accuracy were never in doubt. Brown participated fully, providing pertinent support at every turn, and taking her solo opportunities with assurance.”

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